Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Need Virtapay ? see below

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I Need Alertpay/Libertyreserve dollar. If anyone will pay me 50$ Alertpay/Libertyreserve dollar I will give him/her 200$ Virtapay dollar. or
If anyone will pay me 100$ Alertpay/Libertyreserve dollar I will give him/her 500$ Virtapay dollar.
if someone interested to do exchange please hurry up! because this for limited amount ($4000.00 Virtapay).  

My Alertpay account is-
Libertyreserve account is- U8505849.

please email me at after you sent your money for confirmation. or you can comments here with your details.

note- please do it carefully below see

1. IF you pay me alertpay then please email me with your alertpay ID and 
  your Virtapay  ID.
2. IF your pay me libertyreserve then please email me with your Libertyreserve ID and   your Virtapay ID.
without doing this i'll not recognize to pay you properly.

(Every transaction will completed within 3 hours after your payment)  

I will attach every single transaction here when it will completed for Proof.
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you can see proof of payment here